TOKYO Kimukatsu Los Angeles

TOKYO Kimukatsu Los AngelesTOKYO Kimukatsu Los Angeles


Kimukatsu is not just another Japanese restaurant. Kimukatsu is an international hot-spot, with almost two dozen locations and thousands of fans all over the world! In Japan we are well-known for our delicious homestyle comfort food, which has made us so popular that we are frequently sought after by the media. We have become familiar faces in gourmet magazines and on television. Here at Kimukatsu we might be international celebrities, but we'll always have the time to make you a plate of our fantastic, addictive food. It's just what we love to do.

The signature dish at Kimukatsu is our celebrated pork cutlet. It may sound like a humble dish, but here at Kimukatsu it is anything but. Our special technique takes the pork cutlet to a whole new level! The first priority is seeking out the very best and freshest pork. Then we slice it almost impossibly thin—so thin that it takes 25 layers to make one of our cutlets! We press the layers together gently, then use to bread crumbs to full coat the cutlet. The cutlet is fried slowly and allowed to steam. Because of the many tender layers and the fried coating, the delicious pork juices stay inside. The result is a perfect blend of crispy outside and juicy, savory inside. No wonder we're an international sensation!


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